• Enquiry is the initial action taken by Anti-Corruption Enquiry Officer after the submission of a complaint, lodged by any person, liable to be enquired. This operation is governed by Rule__of the Anti-Corruption Establishment GB Act, 2017 (amended 2019). The basic purpose is to validate the genuineness of a complaint, to discourage / tackle the habitual complainants and above all to ensure that no public servant or citizen is called and embarrassed on the basis of a fake / sham complaint. The ACE can also take cognizance of any offence on the basis of a source report, or in compliance of any directive, NAB reference or on the orders of the Federal or Provincial Ombudsman and Superior Courts.
  • The matter can be enquired either by an officer or a team formulated by the regional or the establishment’s head. Parties are called subsequently and questioned regarding the complaint. After getting a detailed required version, the Enquiry Officer draws his conclusion upon the basis of available evidence. If allegations are not validated, the enquiry under action is proposed to be dropped or sent to the concerned department for appropriate departmental proceedings under the efficiency and discipline rules; whereas in the other case, registration of case is proposed.

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